What Shows Up In A Background Check?

There are many types of online data entry jobs on the Internet, but most fall within one of the following categories: Outsource data operator; data entry processor; marketing typist, article typist. Each of these work types require individual skills and abilities and it is up to you as the home office worker to ensure that your abilities and work experience match the projects you'll be involved with. Finding the jobs is simple, but making sure that you will enjoy doing the work that you get can be something distinctly different. To begin with, you may want to consider using a broker in order to help you pick and choose.

Outsource data handling

This type on online data entry person works for others as a virtual assistant. You may work with recorded data to provide transcripts, you may process data that is collected at another site, you may actually record data from telephone conversations. Accuracy is prime in this type of work. The speed of processing material may be critical in some jobs, but not in all. A broker can be very helpful when deciding the companies that have high ethical standards and prompt payment practices. Pay will depend upon the experience and the type of work, but typically ranges between $9 and $20 per hour.

Data entry processor

The most popular of the online data entry jobs is a data entry processor. The work requires little or no experience and very little training. Pay is based on commission. You place data entries on the Internet that are highly targeted. The Internet customers respond to the data and purchase through the companies who then pay you a commission. The secret is knowing the words to use and where to place the data that you create.

Marketing typist

The online data entry jobs that work as a marketing typist place specific ad copy in locations that will attract customers and thus generate income. Sometimes the companies will pay you to place the ads in various specific locations, thus creating even more income. Many data entry people prefer to stay away from anything that appears to be an advertisement, but this type of work can be quite lucrative. Again, it requires little or no experience to do it properly and the work is generally paid regularly and quickly upon completion.

Article typist

The Internet is a voracious user of written materials about almost any subject you can name. If you are capable of putting together short informational articles on a variety of subjects, there is a ready market that will pay to place those articles on their own sites. Some companies will pay to have you rewrite articles from another author so that the material is always fresh and interesting. Articles sell at rates from $5 to $100 or even more, depending upon the length of the articles and the level of complexity involved in the writing. Pay is prompt and usually payment is by your preferred method. This type of online data entry requires ability in the punctuation, spelling and grammar skills of your native language.

When you are wondering what shows up in a background check, you need to first know what the background screening is for. There are a thousand and one things to find out about a particular individual and if you are not selective on what you need, you may end up with an overflow of information that you cannot digest. So let’s start with a typical example of background screening, pre-employment check.
So what shows up in a background check for prospective employee?
First and foremost, the prospective employer should do a Social Security Number or SSN check. The check reveals information like name, aliases, current address, address history, and SSN date of issue. Information gathered from SSN check can be used to verify the integrity of particulars given by the prospective employee. If the person claims that he was born in US but SSN date of issue was only a few months ago, this could mean the person is lying. Another scenario will be if he claims that he never stayed in another state for the past 5 years but SSN check revealed that he was in another state a few months ago, you should have some serious questions as to why this person is withholding this information.
The next thing you need to look at is criminal history record of the person. It is not enough just to look at what shows up in a background check on criminal history because a person may be charged or under investigation but has yet to be convicted. In this case, a warrant record will come in handy to make it a more comprehensive report on the person’s standing with the law. A court record will further enhance the person’s report by showing whether he or she has been charged in court before.
We covered the social and legal aspect, the next step is to go into the financial aspect. A person’s financial status can be determined by bankruptcy and credit report. What shows up in a background check on credit score can help to ascertain an individual’s credit situation. Knowing a person’s financial standing is crucial especially if he or she is going to be dealing with company assets or funds when joining.
Knowing what shows up in a background check is one thing but gathering those information is another. Go for a one-stop service that provides you with all the necessary information instead of gathering them from different sources. It will save you an enormous amount of time.

DUI Records and Pre-Employment Background Checks

If you have been doing survey sites for different companies, then you are familiar with how this job works. Of course, everybody would want to get high amounts from doing surveys. And getting to the high paying survey sites has been a problem to many. This is because the high paying sites are completely outnumbered by the low paying ones. The best survey sites contain legit companies who are willing to pay high payment for their members.

So, how can you find the best and high paying survey sites online? Here are three of the most popular legit sites that you can check and join. These are Paid Surveys Online, Survey Scout and Paid Surveys etc. The Paid Surveys Online is said to be the best site today because it gives its new members an initial $20 worth of survey as their starting job. This also gives you a list of other good sites for you to check on. On the other hand, Survey Scout and Paid Surveys etc has also become popular because of the continuous survey jobs it can give you. Aside from this, their surveys are worth a pretty decent amount for you to have.

All survey sites require one to fill out an online information sheet. After signing up and become a member, you will then be sent survey invitations to your email. You can opt to accept or decline an invitation depending on your specialization and available time. Invitations can come right after you sign up, so it is best to check your email account immediately. Be sure that you have your email account active because all transactions will be help through it. Once you have accepted a survey invitation, you can start earning those cold cash right from your homes. Remember, the more surveys you complete, the more money you can get.

If you’ve recently been arrested and/or convicted of a DUI or drunk driving offense there are many things to consider before actually disclosing your DUI on a job application. First, if you are eligible to clear the DUI record (immediately or in the near future) it might make more sense to explore those avenues before you apply for a job that you really want.
9 times out of 10 most every employer will do a pre-employment background check on you and will uncover the DUI offense which most likely will cause them not to hire you. Most pre-employment background checks are conducted by 3rd party HR companies that are contracted by your potential employer specifically to do background checks. A lot of the big companies use the same outsourced HR company to do their checks so if you get flagged within their system that could in effect ruin your chances of ever getting hired from any company who uses them to perform pre-employment background checks.
So it’s definitely something you want to think about and clear up BEFORE you apply and agree to a background check.
But if you take the steps to clear or expunge the DUI record prior to applying for the job there is a good chance that they will never find out about it. So, by spending a little bit of time and educating yourself on what you need to do to take care of your record could pay off big time.

Home Renovation Contractors

A lot of people are now interested and deeply engrossed with ways on how to earn extra money at home. While others are making use of their entrepreneurial skills, others find a more convenient and easier way to augment and generate income to combat the economic fluctuations. Through legitimate online jobs available in certified sites, earning the extra bucks is an effective and easy alternative especially staying-at-home individuals.

As a freelance opportunity, those who already have a present and existing work at the corporate world or any other companies can make use of the easy and convenient access they could have in signing up for the online jobs of their choice. To earn extra money, all you need to do is to join and avail a membership spot in a legitimate online job site and install the software that would provide you database of hundreds of companies who are in constant hiring of individuals to cater to their needs. Just moments after signing up, you are guaranteed of making money instantly and with utmost surety.

Earning money is possible and certain for those who access online jobs in legitimate sources and sites. The jobs that they offer actually range in variety such as coding, transcribing, writing, completing and submitting surveys, sales, processing and many more. Another important component of an online job is to post certain ads that companies provide to further their products and services.

Upon getting and signing up, you are given a number of benefits and components helpful to start earning extra money at home. These are a 24 hour phone support, free website traffic, earning statistics in your website, an instant installation of you online setup for immediate money generation and provision of other affiliated programs geared towards money making.

Earning extra money at home is indispensable in making sure that you spend quality time while generating income for your own expenses and financial concerns. Comfort and convenience are now equivocal to money making only with legitimate online jobs.

When you have a residential site that needs to be remodeled this is the building professional you would contact. A home renovation contractor may do all of the remodeling themselves or they may subcontract different areas of the remodeling job to other contractors. In this job they could for a general contracting company, be self employed, work for a remodeling specialist company or a home building company. Working as a home renovation contractor offers a person may different job opportunities. These types of residential remodeling projects are as different as the ones who hire the contractor to do the remodeling.
The homeowner may need to hire a home renovation contractor for a simple job like painting a bathroom or doing a closet expansion or it could be an entire home remodeling project. Some renovation contractors specialize in incorporating a specific style into the home’s decor or remodeling certain rooms. This is why they sometimes sub-contract work out to other contractors. That particular part of remodeling is not in their field of expertise.
Before the remodeling can be done the home, renovation contractor will visit the home to inspect the home if it is a total remodeling job or just the area where the homeowner wants remodeled before they place a bid. This initial visit will allow the contractor to assess the condition of the home and to check out the area that is to be removed. While on this visit, the homeowner may ask the contractor for photos of their past projects or for references. The contractor, during this visit, asks questions and takes notes about the exact work the homeowner wants done along with any measurements that need to be taken.
Normally the home renovation contractor will go back to their office to prepare their bid after the visit and they know exactly what the homeowner wants to have done. Once the bid has been prepared, the contractor will present it to the homeowner. If they are chosen as the winner of the contract for the remodeling job the bid could possible change several times as homeowner will frequently change their minds as suggestions are made by the home renovation contractor how to make the remodeled area better and other details are suggested or changed by the homeowner. Once everything has been finalized and both parties have signed the bid the contractor can start on the remodeling.
Depending on the project, the renovation contractor may rope off the area of remodeling for safety and health reasons. If there is just one room being remodeled this is usually not necessary but if it is an entire house remodeling project the homeowner and their family will move to another location during the remodeling.

How to Answer This Question: Why Are You Interested in This Position?

Writing a great cover letter is arguably the most important part of your job application process. Of course your resume will clearly outline your specific experience, skills, and qualifications. But your cover letter is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants that may have similar qualifications.

Unfortunately, many job applicants submit mediocre cover letters and miss an opportunity to get ahead of the pack. In fact, many employers say that cover letters - not resumes - are often the deciding factor in their search for a new employee.

So how do you write that killer letter that will get you the job? It's easier than you think. But in order to write a great cover letter, you have to know the dos and don'ts of writing a great letter.

. It seems like a no-brainer, but you should never submit a cover letter with grammatical and spelling errors. A clean, accurate letter will show that you are thorough and pay attention to detail, not to mention exemplify professionalism.

When writing about yourself, it's easy to ramble on and on. But a succinct yet thorough cover letter will demonstrate your communication skills and be more inviting to read. A few short paragraphs are all you need.

A cover letter seems like a great opportunity to show your personality. And it is. But save your sense of humor for another day. Humor rarely comes off as it was intended in an application letter. In general, it's best to keep a professional and straight forward tone.

. Even if you're slightly under qualified for the job, never mention your weaknesses in your letter. The cover letter is a place for you to shine.

Tell the employer in your cover letter why you want the position. State the position you're applying for right up front and explain why you're interested in that job with their firm. This is a great opportunity to impress the reader by showing that you've done your homework as well as demonstrate your passion for the position or industry.

When hiring a new position, employers want to know what you can bring to their organization. Identify the contributions you'll make to their firm and how they can benefit from hiring you.

At the end of your letter, always thank the reader for taking the time to read your letter. It's also an ideal place to declare your plans to follow up on your application. Let them know they'll be hearing from you and that you intend to take action, instead of waiting for them to call you.

Writing a great

gives your potential employer an opportunity to learn more about you than what's on your resume. Never miss this opportunity to impress your reader and get the job you've always wanted.

Here are some model answers for the question: Why are you interested in this position? Adapt these answers to your own circumstances. You want your answer to sound natural and unrehearsed even though you have actually given it a lot of thought and know in advance what you are going to say.
As a general rule, don’t give answers that involve money or benefits. Save that for later. You don’t want to be overly interested in the financial aspects of the job. You want them to be impressed with your enthusiasm for the company.
When you give your qualifications, give the condensed version and start with recent experience. This is not the time to start with your first job and go chronologically through every position you have ever held. That is the job of your resume. This is the time to succinctly give the highlights of your experience that match the job description.
1. I am uniquely qualified for this position and it is a culmination of my skills, education and expertise. (There is a symmetry in answering in threes.)
2. I have always wanted to work for a hotel, a city or whatever. Then give your reasons why.
3. I have always wanted to live in Central Florida. (However, the location should not be your first reason, maybe third or fourth.)
4. Working for your company would be the pinnacle of my career and then explain why.
5. With twenty years of prior experience, I believe I can bring some innovative ideas to this job and then elaborate without being a know-it-all.
6. These are some challenging times and I have some ideas about meeting these challenges that I would like to share.
7. This is not just a job for me. I am passionate about working in this field and this is where I want to work.
8. I made a mistake by moving out of state and I want to move back to Florida as soon as possible.
9. I know that your company has an excellent reputation and has some well-known experts in the field. I believe I have a lot to offer and can add to the progress already made in this field.
10. I have been planning for this job my whole life. I have the education, the aptitude and the passion for this job. It is a natural progression of all my previous jobs.
If you able to answer this question, you will be interviewing like a pro!

Job Search – How to Make an Internship Help Your Career

Many people will include references on their resume. They're usually listed at the bottom of the page, or on a separate sheet included with the resume. While people that do this may think it adds credibility to their job search, it really doesn't. Unless you are looking for a domestic position where references are expected with the initial contact, you should save that information for later in the interview process.

Employers seeking someone to fill a position will almost never contact a listed reference before speaking with the job candidate in person at a job interview. They will only want to verify their opinion that you are a good candidate for the job after the interview.

The usual way to present your references is on a separate sheet of paper at the end of the first interview. Have several copies in case you are interviewed by more than one person. On this sheet you should include your contact information at the top, just like on your resume. Then list three or four references.

You can use this format:

Remember, only three or four, and make sure at least two of them are business references. You can also indicate if any of the references should be contacted at times other than regular business hours. It should go without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that the people you include should be aware that you are including them on your reference sheet.

One additional note: some people will include a line on their resume stating that references are available upon request. Although that line is not necessary, it's won't hurt anything to have it there, so it's really your preference.

So, take the references off of your resume and put them where they belong; on your Reference Sheet. It's a much more professional presentation.

Taking up an internship can actually prove to be a stepping stone in your career. You can really jump start your career by accepting an internship at a reputed company. If the company likes your work, they may even hire you. Most interns don’t get paid much so if you are taking an internship you should consider whether or not you will need to supplement your income.
When interning, there are some things you must do-
1) Be humble and accept all the work that is given to you. Nobody likes a finicky intern. If you are nice to everyone, when the time comes to make you permanent, people will stand up for you.
2) Treat this as a learning experience. Listen to what people are saying and pay lots of attention to what is going on around you. Meet new people, create a contact base and let people know how smart you are by engaging in interesting conversation.
3) Be professional at all times. You may not be treated with much respect at first but when people see your professional manner they will learn to take you seriously sooner or later.
4) When interning, you will get a taste of the various facets of your field. Make your decision then as to what you would like to do in the future depending on what processes of the company you gel with the most.
If you prove yourself as an intern, the internship may even culminate into a full time job. The more people you meet and the more you learn, you will have a better idea about what to do and what not to do. Shine out in your internship and you may have a chance to stay on. If not, you can always utilize the contacts that you have made to get you further in life.

How Communication Can Help Your Job Search

It seems that every day now there is a report on the news about one or more major companies that are handing out pink slips. For anyone out of work and in search of gainful employment, it is just more bad news to digest. However; it is important to bear in mind that all of these companies do retain employees and those would be the most productive and prepared for the future.

The Future of Business Management

So what is the future of personnel management? The simple answer to that is time attendance system reporting software and other similar types of new business related software. Thats because companies that are interested in staying competitive are now implementing it in record numbers.

Get to the Front of the Line

It's a business management trend that will only grow as time rolls on. What this means if you are in search of a job in management or human resources, is that you must be completely familiar with time attendance system reporting software. With this knowledge you will have the edge that you need to put you ahead of the pack in future job interviews.

Land a Good Job and Keep It

Also, once you do land your job, your familiarity with this and other related business management software systems will have you far more impervious to pink slips in the event of a climate change at your new place of employment. So where and how can you find out about time attendance system reporting software?

Learn About Time Attendance Reporting Software Online

Thats all too easy, because you can educate yourself for free at any number of online venues that offer information on these new products. So learn all you can and be ready to dazzle your next interviewer with the wealth of knowledge that you have on time attendance system reporting software.

It this ever changing world of job search, many people have ignore the importance of communication. There are crucial things that you need to say to the right people in order for you to find the job, make a first good impression, and convince them that you are the right one for the job. In addition to that, you will also need to negotiate with them your new salary package. In order to ensure that this is communicated effectively, it has to look natural and also in a persuasive manner. Not everyone is a born presenter or a has a confidence level of an expert in public speaking, therefore the best way to overcome any communication blunders is to rehearse your speech.
You most likely shrug of the idea and say that rehearsing for a speech or dialog is only for a room full of people. But think again, in a job search, there are topics which you need to cover during an interview. That is why you should plan and rehearse beforehand, even for telephone cold calls, interview questions, and introductions or even during the questions and answer section.
One of the most basic yet important ways to give a polish and professional verbal communication is to script it out fist. Write down the important facts that you would like to cover in the topic first. After that start filling in the words so that the communication seem more natural. Avoid being stiff when coming out with the script. The best policy is to keep it simple and natural. No one is going to punish you if you use simple terms. You will most likely sound like someone that is clueless if you were to use bombastic words that you have no idea what it meant in the first place.
After you have completed your script you will need to ensure that it sounds natural. One of the best ways is to actually read it out loud. Sometimes a sentence might look good on paper, but it does not sound too natural when read out loud. If it does not sound like something you would say, revise it again. Continue this process until your script is perfect. That way when you actually come face to face with the person that you need to communicate with, it will come naturally.
In order to make a better impression during the conversation, you will have to memorize your script. You do not have to memorize word by word, but just the important section of the script. If you have read it and rehearse it many times, it will normally come natural to you. Have you wondered why you can remember the lyrics to your favorite song effortlessly? That is because you listen to the song many times and sing along to the song as well. This brings us to out next important point.
It might sound weird at first, but you should consider recording yourself as you rehearse this conversation. That way you can play it back, listen and analyze what needs to be change. The more you listen to yourself, the more aware you are of your weakness and therefore you can improve upon it.
Practicing communication is an ongoing process. You will have to do it a couple of times before you get it right. Sometimes you can simply just strike up a conversation with someone while waiting for the train to work or someone at the grocery store. This is to boost your self confidence just in communication with a different individual. When you need this skill the most for example during a job interview, you are prepared.

Job Search

Can a credit background check really affect your job search? Are you a worthy employee? Do you have any reasons for being employed? If you only knew how a credit background check affects your chances of obtaining gainful employment.

Most industries today perform a drug and background test on a potential employee. Investigation include both criminal and employment analysis. What most employees fail to understand is that this also indicates your FICA score. For such information to be acquired the employee must accept it and if by any chance he disagrees, the chances of his employment become slim. It seems like he is hiding something. For this reason, one needs to be prepared and have a clue of what to expect. This brings about the need for a credit background check before then. The process is free, so why not do it? Having the report earlier, helps to clear errors and in case there is some negative information, have clear explanations to the interviewer.

Although employers hire employees with financial strains, low credit rating can interfere with your chances especially if it includes a responsibility of dealing with finances. If a recruiter is involved, confess the negative information to him and he will guide you accordingly and counsel you depending on the position you are to assume. Usually, a low FICA score closes the job opportunity. If this is the case, the recruiter can discuss on your behalf with the employer and come to a perfect conclusion.

When the position does not include the check, honestly discuss it with the Human Resource manager giving clear explanations of the low score and what you are doing to improve the score. The most important thing is to obtain your credit background check, resolve the problem and improve your scores. This way you will be an efficient employee.

There is one thing you need to understand about getting a
job and that is, the simple fact that “Getting a job is a
full time job in itself”. Read that again, I did not say it
is a part time job, I said that it is a full time job.
The fact that you are reading this page means you are
serious about your future, you are serious about finding a
job and you are obviously willing to put in the time and
effort that is needed to get that job.
To help you I am going to talk straight and tough when I
need to, just to make sure that you think about what you
have been doing and what you need to do next. Please
understand that I am not attacking you, I am not
criticising what you have been doing, I am just trying to
get you thinking about alternative methods and approaches
that might work for you.
End of contract
Firstly, your last term of employment was terminated,
either by you or by your employer.
During the first few weeks or unemployment, there is a
psychological change that occurs, there is an emotional
change that occurs. Now I am not going to launch into any
psycho babble about this, I just want you to recognize that
this is normal. You have to acclimatize to being out of
work, you have to put aside the feelings of helplessness,
remorse, anger and disbelief that are associated with
dealing with circumstances beyond your control.
If you have been out of work for more than six months you
may have slipped into blaming others for the situation you
are in. Understand, if you are out of work for more than
three months then your approach to getting a job needs
to change to cope with this small gap.
Yes I said small gap. It may seem enormous to you and
also to some of the employers you will meet. But in the
long run, your working career (45 – 50 years), 3 – 6
months is nothing.
Why does your approach need to change? If you observed a
friend doing the same thing day in day out, for months on
end and every day he got a negative result, no positive
indicators at all, wouldn’t you tell your friend to try
something different?
You are where you are today because of the decisions you
made yesterday. Positive results come from good decisions.
It may be time to change your approach, time to move on,
time to make a fresh start.
Lets generate some positive results..
You may need to reword your covering letters, change your
resume slightly to make a more positive impact, you may
have to change the agencies you have been using etc.
Finding Vacancies
Just do a quick check on the list below, how many of the
following do you utilize to locate vacancies?
Local Newspaper
National Newspaper
Specialist Trade Publications
Local Government sponsored programs
Personal Contacts
Business Contacts
Speculative approach (explained later)
Phone Directory Business Directories
Local library
Internet Agencies
The list above is not a conclusive list of places to find
job leads, but it is the main core of commonly used
reference. If you are not using all of these sources of job
leads then you need to change what you are doing.
Let me highlight a few of the less obvious ones and explain
the approach: –
Personal Contacts Let your friends know that you are
actively seeking work, ask them to pass any job leads they
hear of to you with some urgency. In Britain, it is known
as the “old boy network” or just Networking and it works.
Business Contacts People you used to work with in
previous jobs, these people know you and hopefully respect
your professional approach to work, they are in a position
to use their contacts to help you.
Speculative approach This approach to finding work
is highly under rated. Imaging you are an employer, if you
have a job vacancy it can cost you thousands of pounds to
advertise, short list, interview and eventually employ the
right person. It is a process that may have to be repeated
several times before the employer finds a suitable
candidate for the post.
Now imagine that as an employer you have a vacancy and
someone has just sent you their resume, they might be exactly
what you are looking for and it cost you nothing to find
them! If as an employer you do not have a vacancy to fill,
you may keep the resume on file for two or three months, just
in case.
From your point of view sending a resume and covering
letter to an employer who may or may not be going through
this process is a way of tracking down job vacancies
without the competition.
See one of our other reports on the Speculative Approach.
Phone Book & Business Directories Listed in the phone
book are hundred of businesses that employ people just like
you, they have jobs that you are trained to do, they may
not have a vacancy at the moment but you can use the
speculative approach to contact them and find out.
Local Library If you can’t afford to buy newspapers, or
if you don’t have a local phone book or business directory
then use the local library, because they have them all
under one roof.
Agencies Many people use an agency to help them locate
work, but in fact you need to use several agencies. You use
them like this; get your name on the books of at least 5
agencies and then rotate chasing them.
See our report on Using Agencies for more information.
Keep Focused it’s a numbers game Getting quality job leads
is the first step in what can be a long process, follow the
steps one by one on a daily basis working at getting a job
and you will succeed.
If you are a sales person then you will understand what I
am about to tell you, if you have never worked in sales
then you may not, either way it does not change the
following fact: –
The more rejection you meet, the closer you will be to
Or, if you prefer, the more no’s you get the closer you are
to a yes.
The more jobs leads you can find, the more jobs you can
apply for. The more jobs you apply for, the more rejections
you will meet but the more interviews you will be offered.
The more interviews you are offered the better at interviews
you become and the more chance you have of getting a job.
The Numbers Game
True, the quality of your application makes a big
difference, but we are about to look at applications and
then quality and quantity will work together.
Now, I said earlier that getting a job is a job in itself,
if you treat it as a job then you should put at least 5
days a week into getting yourself a job. You should aim at
making ten job applications a day, that’s 50 job
applications a week!
I know what you are thinking, how can I apply for 50 jobs a
Lets break this down.
In my own personal experience I used to apply for 10 jobs
every day of the week. That’s 70 jobs a week! I am
suggesting that should you only looked for work Monday to
Friday then you should look to make 10 applications a day.
Still too much?
OK, lets break this down further.
Using the advertised vacancies first, apply for as many as
you can find in the papers, trade publications, agencies
etc. You would usually expect to find two or three suitable
vacancies in this way.
Then chase the agencies, you should be looking for at least
one vacancy.
Then use the speculative approach in fill in the extra’s.
Remember the speculative approach is a way of contacting
companies that employ people with your skills. This is one
of the biggest hidden job markets. More than 50% of the
thousands of people I have personally helped find new jobs
got them on the speculative approach. Don’t ignore this
vacancy gold mine.

Where to Find Online Jobs For College Students

You've decided that going to the office five days a week is not for you. You also understand that working from home means you may often have to work in the evenings, sometimes late into the night, and, at first anyway, you may have to give up relaxing on public holidays and weekends.

Knowing that it takes hard work, even bravery, to give up a secure job to begin working from home is a good start, for without determination to succeed, rather stick with your day job. However, don't let the daunting prospect of finding that first online freelance job put you off trying to do it. If you go about it correctly, it won't be that difficult, and you'll soon be enjoying the advantages of doing freelance work, such as being more available for your children, saving on the cost of transport to work and back, and even watching a movie in the middle of the day if you feel like it and your work is relatively up to date!

There are many websites that offer freelance opportunities. Browse through a few of them before deciding on which one suits you best. Many offer a variety of categories and you are sure to find something that suits you. It is best to start with joining just one, familiarizing yourself with it, and actually doing some work through it, before entertaining the thought of joining more sites like it. As a freelancer, you don't want to disappoint the people who hire you by taking too long to complete a particular job, or rushing through the assignment and delivering below standard work, just because you're busy running around the Internet looking for more opportunities.

You find a site that suits you, and you join, doing the bare minimum to prepare your profile. You're so excited to have found a site that suits you that you can't wait to start applying for jobs. A week later, after applying for thirty jobs, you're in tears because you don't yet have work. How could this happen? You have good skills, you wrote about them when applying for all the jobs you knew you could do, and your bids were the lowest. Why doesn't anyone want to hire you? You've already left your daytime job and this was supposed to work!

Relax. Be patient. And start again.

Spend more time on creating the perfect profile before applying for even one job. Sometimes there are thousands of freelancers on a site and you need to make your profile stand out from the rest as much as possible. View other profiles to get a better idea of how yours should look. Even if it takes you as long as two weeks, get your profile up to scratch!

Read through all the frequently asked questions on the site, and totally familiarize yourself with the site, so that when you apply for that first job, you can do so with confidence, knowing that you're doing everything correctly.

Then apply for jobs! Don't go for the highest paying ones at first. Choose smaller jobs to gradually get you into the process. Employers are also more likely to choose a first time provider if the job is quite small and easy to do. Once you have established yourself as a good worker, through receiving favorable comments from your employer once the assignment has ended, you can start going after the bigger fish.

Carefully read the job description. Can you really do everything required? Refer to the content in the job description when writing your application letter. An employer isn't interested in "I can do this work. Please visit my profile."Â An employer wants to see that you understand the job description, and also that you've read it and are not just leaving the same message for all jobs you apply for. Be honest in your application. Don't say you can do the work in seven days just to get the job, but knowing that it will probably take you three weeks. Taking longer than you should will result in a bad comment from the employer at the end of the assignment, making it more difficult for you to find more work. Of course, not being honest in an application can also result in the buyer not paying you, and who can blame them if the work they hired you to do is not being done exactly as they requested?

Be careful of bidding too low. A low bid seems like you are just desperate to get a job. This may be true, but a low bid may also indicate that you are not fully qualified to do the job perfectly. At the same time, for your first few job applications, don't bid too high. Keep this for when you have a better work history on your profile.

Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you write a really good application and it's very similar to another application letter the buyer receives, the buyer will most likely choose the person who wrote the one with the least errors in it.

Don't apply for just one job and sit back and wait for a response. Accept that there will be many jobs you don't get. Don't waste time waiting to hear about one before applying for another. Apply for many. If you happen to be lucky enough to get four or five jobs at the same time, but know that you can manage only two of them in the time allocated, choose your favorite two, and apologize to the other buyers, being totally honest, and as polite as possible. Honesty and good manners are remembered, and the buyer may hire you at a later stage.

Don't always wait for an email from the site informing you of the latest jobs available. Check the site regularly for new posts. Sometimes many service providers will apply for a job and you want to be in the first few on the list. If you were a buyer faced with sifting through forty or more applications, it's most likely you aren't going to go through them all. If you find exactly what you're looking for in a service provider within the first few on the list, you're not going to view the rest of the applications.

Stick to the rules of the site, be honest and polite, and always do your best work. Good luck!

Most college students find themselves working part-time to pay for expenses such as books, lab fees, meals, and everyday expenses. Traditionally, the best jobs have been either on-campus jobs such as tutoring and helping out others, or working off-campus at restaurants and other establishments. The problem with off-campus jobs is they are typically evening and weekend jobs, and pretty labor intensive, which leaves you very tired.
What if you could work at home (or in your dorm), work your own hours, and make just as much or more money? Well heck yea! That sounds good doesn’t it! A lot of students these days turn to the internet for a way to make a few extra dollars, however there is SOOO much HYPE out there it’s hard to determine what’s legitimate and what’s a scam. The fact is that most are SCAMS, or ridiculously expensive to get into, and not very practical.
First, let’s realize that any viable online job will require some effort on your part, and there is no such thing as something for nothing. You are not going to “get rich quick”. If you see something that says you will make gobs of cash overnight, don’t fall for it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Here is a list of practical online jobs where you can make some real money, listed in order of income potential.
Affiliate Marketing is great from the standpoint that you can start in this business for next to nothing (You need an internet connection and a computer), and the income potential is only limited by YOU. What you need to succeed in this business is a good work ethic, a plan, and a little Internet Marketing training. You can find a plan, FREE training, and all the resources you will need at the bottom of this page, but you will need to supply the desire to succeed. You can easily find yourself generating plenty of extra cash, and a way to pay off those student loans as well!
Articles are in high demand on the internet, and there are plenty companies and marketers that will pay you for quality articles. We are talking 300-500 word articles in most cases. You can find business in forums, online ads, and places like AssociatedContent.com and Elance.com. Top writers make upwards of $5000/month, but keep in mind they’ve been doing it awhile. If you can write quality articles and you are consistent you can probably pull in $1000-$2000 per month after you get going in it.
Yes, you can make money doing online surveys. No, it’s not going to make you rich. Finding the right survey companies and participating in focus groups is the key. You will find a lot of products that claim to have the best resources for finding quality survey companies, but it’s been my experience that you can pretty much find them on your own by doing some research online. Check out forums and blogs related to paid surveys. You can probably pull in $1000/month if you do your homework and at least 3-5 surveys a day.
My personal recommendation out of the list above is #1. The reason being, that you can put in the same amount of work as #2 and #3 and have residual income flowing in from your work. It’s working smart in my opinion. Additionally, the income you can make is virtually unlimited. You can start small, get some cash flowing, and then start generating multiple streams of income.
No matter what your decision, good luck, and I applaud your hard work getting a higher education. Knowledge is power!

Be Proactive in Your Job Search – And Get Results!

With all the registered nurse employment opportunities currently available anyone in this branch of the medical field should have no trouble finding a well paying position.

The medical field is hot right now and people who are looking for employment opportunities have many choices. Although it's still true that a doctor tends to be at the top of the pay scale, many nursing jobs are now a close second. The demand for qualified nurses has never been greater and this translates to more money and more choices for both women and men in rn nursing jobs..

One of the most exciting opportunities is in travel registered nurse employment. When a registered nurse decides he or she wants to venture beyond the confines of a typical clinic or hospital setting, becoming a travel nurse is a great choice.

There are many companies that place registered nurses in locales all over the world. The nurse is required to agree to a contract which stipulates not only basics such as their wage and benefits, but also how long they will hold the position. This is really one of the most lucrative choices for someone who has the freedom to travel. A travel nurse can literally see the world while earning a comfortable wage.

More and more people are in need of the services of an attorney in order to pursue a medical related lawsuit. This can be the result of a car accident in which they were injured or in some cases it may even be because a doctor was negligent.

A legal nurse consultant is someone who works closely with an attorney to determine the extent of someone's injuries and how that is and will be impacting their lives. A deep understanding of legal issues as they relate to the medical field is essential for success in this branch of nursing.

Registered nurse employment certainly isn't restricted to these two positions though. In fact, many nurses are also finding great success in the area of holistic medicine. Holistic medicine takes a different approach to healing than traditional medicine.

A registered nurse who works in this field is responsible for providing alternative care to his or her patients. This can include things like acupuncture, and herbal supplements. Some training is needed beyond the traditional educational requirements of being a registered nurse, but there is a growing demand for nurses in this alternative medical environment.

Many nurses like variety in their day and for some of them becoming a home health care nurse is likely the best choice. After surgery or an accident many patients are sent home while they are still in need of ongoing care. The reason is that they are not viewed as ill enough to be in a hospital setting, but they do require daily check-ups from someone trained in the medical profession. Registered nurses fit this bill perfectly and this is a very rewarding position for them. They get to help patients on the road to recovery and they'll find that no two days are ever alike.

With all the advances being made in the nursing profession each year it's easy to see that new opportunities are likely to crop up for registered nurse employment on a regular basis. This means that everyone who wants to pursue this rewarding career can find a position that works well for not only their interests but their lifestyle too.

Don’t wait for opportunity to come to you. If you’re simply posting your resume on job sites and expecting to be contacted with the opportunity of your dreams, don’t hold your breath. Waiting for employers to find you is a waste of time and effort. Here are four reasons why taking a more proactive approach is the key to a successful job search.

Jobs For 15 Year Olds – Get a Fast Hiring Job

Are you planning on hiring an SEO but have no idea of how to properly choose one? Here is a proposed Scope of Work that will allow you to engage them in intelligent questions to understand what they will do for your website.

As a 15 year old teen it is not easy to get a job, especially at a time when very few companies are hiring out there. A job that you can get fast is a job where you can make money on the internet. The easiest jobs for 15 year olds are to make money online on a get paid to site. A great thing about those jobs is that you can do it in your spare time. And you can make a decent amount of cash this way.
Maybe you have already tried survey sites by searching online for ways to make money on the internet. Maybe you got one of the low paying sites and you just gave up. You need to watch out when looking for get paid to sites or survey sites online. Do not sign up with sites where you have to pay to become a member. Remember this: the best sites where you can make money online are free to join.
Like I said before you can earn a decent amount of money doing paid surveys and other offers online. There are not a lot of jobs for 15 year olds that are this easy to do and that pay you as well as the survey site for the amount of work you are doing.
Don’t you think this is a great way to start earning some extra money, so you can buy things you want or help your parents out? I know you like being on the internet, so why not make money while you are online?