Becoming an Interior Decorator or Interior Designer

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Most often people confuse interior designing with interior decorating, there’s a fine thin line between both these professions. A person who’s an interior decorator could be a designer too and vice versa, however, there’s a difference we should know to understand who do we want to become.
Before we learn about the differences in detail, let us understand the core personality characteristics that both these profession demands. So how would you be able to know if you’re a good fit for either of these professions? or even if you would want to pursue it as a side-job and hobby.
You need to carefully observe your preferences and ask yourself, can you change something very obsolete in an absolutely new piece of artwork? Do you like learning more about design, decor, art and such creative topics. If you feel like you have a knack for designing/decorating and you’re interested too then that’s really all you need to get started.
Upgrading our knowledge in whatever field we pursue is the most important factor of success. You might not even be sure of your skills because you’ve not yet dived in to the field. That’s fine, don’t be scared. You can only become a great artist when you know your purpose and most of the times that’s enough to drive you all the way to becoming a best in your own field.
So you’ve figured out you’re interested but not sure if it’s interior designing or decorating. No problem. As a rule of thumb, interior designers deal with the basics to start with, for example they will give shape to ceilings, walls and will cater to every layout aspect of the job. Whereas, a decorator will start to work beyond the layout. He will use the provided layout and overhaul the look and feel of the room.
With increasing competition, professionals prefer to narrow down their niches. For example, an interior decorator may want to deal in only bedroom interior decoration. So now is the right time you should learn more about a specific kind of design/decor that you’re most interested in and specialize in that particular niche. Generally speaking, you will be way more successful by choosing to focus at very specific niche.
You must start reading design magazines. You may also want to attend construction and design expos, all of this can help you to keep improving your skills. There’s a difference between choosing a narrow niche and still learning more about it to be able to adapt to many different design styles. You do not want to be limited to your own personal taste, otherwise it would be monotonous. Coming up with new ideas is the key.
If you’re having a hard time finding a full-time job of an interior designer/decorator then you’re always better off to start freelancing. You can start learning about different ways of presentation and make sure to form a firm impression with your customers. If you’re creative, it won’t take much time for you to get yourself noticed in the industry.