Job Search – The Art of Finding Yourself the Best Suited Job

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Obtaining the right job is difficult, and you should treat it as a full-time occupation in itself. Not every available job is the right job for you, so before applying willy-nilly for every job in sight, start by taking a hard look at your own needs, objectives and personal qualities. Know which jobs fit the career you are seeking, and which offer room to grow and offer the pay and benefits you desire.
To know if a position is right for you, it is necessary to do some homework. And speaking of homework, going back to school can be a good move. A recent survey shows that people with post-graduate degrees (above a bachelor’s degree) typically earn 35 to 50 percent higher salaries than those with bachelor’s degrees. But if you decide to go straight into the workforce, make sure you are choosing wisely between whatever job offers you may have.
Your personal qualities and areas of interest can offer a key to understanding what sort of position you would be happy in from day to day. What sort of people do you enjoy being around? Extroverted and gregarious types, or shy and silent? Do you want to be surrounded by people who are happy being given instructions, or who prefer to tell you what you should do?
What about social activities? Do you want to spend time with your co-workers outside of work, or would you prefer to leave your colleagues behind when you go home at night? Company size and profile is important as well. Is the company small or large? Is it geographically focused, national or international in its focus?
Using online job boards you can begin to narrow down the available options and focus your job search on companies that are likely to fit the profile that you are looking for. But there are other methods as well.
By far the most common and most effective approach to getting a job is directly applying for one. About two-thirds of job hunters do this, and nearly half eventually have success with that approach. Other methods that are fairly effective (more than 20% successful) include referrals from a friend’s workplace, job postings in newspapers, using career centers or school organizations and clubs and cooperative programs.
While your personality and goals will determine which job is right for you, it is your professional (and personal) abilities and liabilities that will determine your performance. And the progress you make in your career will determine the satisfaction you derive from your job.
Remember, finding the right job is a full-time job in itself. You need to spend time and energy in oder to get the best outcome. But keep in mind that however you perform in your career, it is best to find a niche where you can fit in and find personal satisfaction.