Acidaburn Review – Is It A Legit Weight Loss Supplement?


Hi, my Name is Nabil Smith from Rhode Island, United States of America. I am an expert in fitness and nutrition and I am Personal Trainer since 2011.

In this following post I will be reviewing the Product “Acidaburn” for you. All the best, your friend:

Nabil Smith



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Table of Contents

  1. Acidaburn Review
  2. What Is Acidaburn?
  3. AcidaBurn Product Details
  4. How Does Acidaburn Work?
  5. Acidaburn Ingredients
  6. Black Walnut
  7. Flaxseed
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. What Can You Expect When Taking Acidaburn?
  10. The Story Behind Acidaburn
  11. Should You Buy Acidaburn?
  12. Final Verdict


If you are someone who is trying to lose weight you might already came across a product called Acidaburn. Acidaburn is a weight loss supplement containing a potent blend of natural herbs and ingredients which have shown to burn body fat effectively.

This product claims to raise your metabolic rate and thermogenesis which translates in additional calories burned even when you rest and do nothing. But is this even possible or is Acidaburn just another scam to pull out money from your pocket? Find out in this review!



Acidaburn is a multi action dietary supplement made by Canada-based company named AS Nutrition, which claims to come with the following benefits:


  • Detox Cleanse The Body
  • Supporting Weight Loss
  • Supporting A Healthy Gut


The natural components of Acidaburn intend to dissolve body fat, flush toxins out of the body, supporting the body in creating healthy digestive enzymes and supporting the body to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood levels.

By taking two servings of this supplement each day, you can lose significant amlunts of weight with zero effort required, according to its creators.

Some customer testimonials on their official website make bold statements like having lost 40+ pounds without exercise, dieting or leaving their home.

Acidaburn is described as a “60-seconds morning ritual” that can bring enormous weight loss results. One of their used headlines goes something like this: “This easy 60-second morning ritual doesnt require you to starve yourself or even leave your home as it does not involve a single minute of exercise”.

Another woman claimed she had lost over 80 pounds with the help of Acidaburn without doing one minute of physical exercise just by taking Acidaburn.

In short: The makers of Acidaburn claim that you only need to take 2 capsules a day and then you can eat whatever you like, whenever you like it, sit on your couch all day and still lose a significant amount of weight.

Observing the bold claims and this description it seems that Acidaburn is the new miracle weight loss pill we all have waited for. There were a lot of weight loss supplements in the past which made similar claims and most of them didnt work as claimed.

So lets take a very close look at Acidaburn and what it actually can do for you.



Product Name: Acidaburn

Homepage: Click Here to get to the Product Homepage

Price: $59 per bottle (1 month supply) or $45 per bottle (when going for the 6 month supply)

Refund Policy: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Shipping: Free shipping




The product claims to use natural plant extracts and herbs to help you lose up to 40+ pounds without following a strict diet or without the need for regular exercise.

Most of nutritional experts agree that the only way to lose weight is by maintaining a daily caloric deficit. Burning more calories then you consume is a tried and tested way to lose weight. You can calculate your daily caloric needs by clicking using this free weight loss calculator.


This can be achieved in two ways:


  • Eating less calories to create a caloric deficit based on your daily caloric needs
  • Exercising more to create a caloric deficit based on your daily caloric needs


However, the creators of Acidaburn claim that this conventional approach to weight loss is an outdated myth. Instead they advise against the conventional weight loss methods and claim that anyone can lose weight with the help of their product regardless of a caloric deficit, balanced diet or exercise regimen.



To achieve this ground-breaking benefits, Acidaburn contains the following ingredients:


Black Walnut

To supports your digestive system and helps you get your unwanted belly fat out of your body.



Source of Fiber to help you to feel full throughout the day.


Aloe Vera

To support digestive health, gut health and help weight loss.


One of the main compounds of Acidaburn comes in the form of Flaxseed (psyllium husk). Flaxseed is a healthy source of fiber found in a lot of fiber supplements from your local store. Fiber is beneficial for supporting a healthy digestive system which makes it easier to empty yourself in the bathroom.

However, the creators of this product claim that their Flaxseed has other benefits beyond being just a fiber source, like being able to “force your body to melt fat away” while helping your body to produce bile.

Normally common weight loss supplements dont focus on raising bile production in the pancreas. Still, the creators of Acidaburn insist that their formula helps with weight loss and production of healthy bile levels.




The claims Acidaburn make blows out every weight loss supplement ever made in theory. The Holy Grail of weight loss – achieving your weight loss goals without exercise, a balanced diet or a caloric deficit.

Acidaburns sales page is full with testimonials of people who supposedly have lost over 40 pounds and more by taking only two pills of Acidaburn daily. Besides, they supposedly have achieved this without restricting their eating habits and have eaten whatever they want.


Other Acidaburn benefits according to their sales page are:


  • Being able to lose significant amounts of fat without calorie counting, diet or exercise
  • Being able to burn body fat twice as swift by implementing a special time protocol
  • Being able to burn huge amounts of fat with little to no effort
  • Supporting internal health, digestion health, gut health and detoxing your body
  • Reducing waist by 11 inches without a single workout


If you are someone who doesnt like to exerice and doesnt want to change your eating habits but still lose weight, Acidaburn would, according to their claims, be the right diet pill for you.

Acidaburn is targeted especially at males and females over the age of 40. A lot of testimonials shared on their sales page are from males and females over 40 who have lost over 40+ pounds and even more, only by taking Acidaburn.



On their official sales page, you´ll discover the story of Master Sergeant Randy Walker, a retired United States Marine sniper.

One day Randy visited his sister Lisa and discovered that she had taken an entire bottle of Tylenol.

Her frustration over her weight, which she just couldnt lose made her decide to take her life. Randy then goes on to say that his sister “fell victim to the countless lies of the weight loss industry”. She never managed to lose significant amount of weights by dieting or exercising.

The retired United States marine then asked his military friends for help and they handed him over a secret weight loss cure. His friends claimed that the big pharma and the government had teamed up to keep the cure for weight loss suppressed.

Risking their job at the military, Randy´s friends secretly handed him over the cure for weight loss to help his sister.

Randy went on to give this secret weight loss cure to his sister, an obese 53-year old woman who then managed to drop 78 pounds without exercise or diet by taking the ingredients of Acidaburn daily.

Inspired by the weight loss results, the US Marine Sniper decided to sell the diet pill to the world. Randy claims that anyonce can lose weight with no effort just by taking Acidaburn.



To be honest with you, you always should be careful purchasing products, especially in the weight loss industry which make bold statements like being able to lose weight with their product without effort, dieting or exercise. The science and recipe to weight loss remained the same for centuries and no weight loss pill can change that.

Dont get me wrong, I dont say that weight loss pills dont work. Weight loss pills certainly work but are often misunderstood by the people who take them. Many people take weight loss pills, do nothing, dont lose weight and then assume that these pills are a scam and dont work.

The truth is legit weight loss pills such as PHENGOLD work by containing ingredients which raise your metabolic rate by having ingredients which have shown to actually and in reality raise your metabolic rate.

None of the ingredients of Acidaburn have been used in the past by weight loss supplements which are capable of raising your metabolic rate, while PHENGOLD has the already tested and proven ingredients to raise your metabolism.

Potent fat burning supplements such as PHENGOLD dont come with ridiculous claims that they will help you to burn over 40 pounds. Instead they claim to support your weight loss efforts when you already exercise and diet.



Taking a supplement like PHENGOLD (or any other weight loss supplement) wont do its magic just by taking it and do nothing.

The ingredients of these supplements alone can elevate your body core temperature and would help you to burn like additional 60-80 calories daily just by doing nothing (and this with its potent ingredients compared to the underwhelming ingredients list of Acidaburn).

This is obviously not enough to burn significant amounts of fat, considering that you would be able to lose 3-4 pounds a week by having a caloric deficite of approx. 400-500 calories daily!

The magic starts when you actually start to work out.

PHENGOLD and similar legit fat burners potentiate the calories burned when you do your workout because they elevate your core temperature plus they stimulate your central nervous system to give you more strength and energy when doing your workouts, which in turn, you guessed it, burns even more calories.


PHENGOLD comes with a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee




On first inspection Acidaburns sounds like the weight loss miracle pill we all have been waiting for. The claims this product made sound very appealing and somewhat to good to be true. You know the saying: “If something seems too good to be true, it usually is not true” – And in my opinion this also applies to Acidaburn.

Upon closer inspection, none of the provided ingredients of Acidaburn would even remotely suggest such results because none of its ingredients have shown properties to enhance your metabolism just for the slightest.

In our experience it is best to stay away from any weight loss supplement which claims to make you lose weight by just taking two or three pills daily and do nothing else.

On the positive side, Acidaburn comes with a 60-Days Money Back Guarantee which means that if you are nonetheless curious about trying and testing the claims Acidaburns make you are at least covered by getting your money back if Acidaburn doesnt work as advertised.

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