Fortnite Free Skins – How To Get Them in 2023?

Fortnite Free Skins – How To Get Them in 2022?


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There are several ways to get skins and items in Fortnite. These can be purchased through V-Bucks in the item store. But there are also special versions that you can get for free. We’ll tell you how.

Epic Games always comes up with something: Live events, crossovers, items and skins…. Yes, they stir their own advertising drum again and again – and also again with success.

Especially when it comes to skins, the community gets pointy-eared. Of course, we know that having certain or rare skins won’t improve your performance in the game. But it’s often more fun to run around with them. Sometimes players spend several hundred euros in the item store just to expand their own collection.

The question is: Can you get certain skins for free? In fact, there are a number of ways to reduce your expenses, at least in the item store. And this is how it’s done.


Fortnite Battle Pass


First of all, players who choose to invest in the Battle Pass system can progress and unlock some very special outfits simply by playing the game. Nothing easier than that, right? As XP is gained with this system, new ranks are reached that offer new rewards. Not only that, but each new season of competitive play brings new items to unlock, so there’s always something new. Furthermore, during the Battle Pass you get V-Bucks again at different levels, which you can put again into the following Battle Pass. Thus, it is theoretically possible to unlock an infinite number of skins and items with a single purchase.

Battlepass Chapter 2, Season 2.

Battlepass Chapter 2, Season 2 (Source: Epic Games)


Twitch Prime Skins


Through Twitch Prime, you’ve had the opportunity to grab exclusive skins time and time again in the past. Most recently, there was the following bundle:

Battle Royale “Trailblazer” outfit: victorious on the front lines.

Battle Royale “True North” Back Accessory: Find your way.

Battle Royale “Meat Knocker” Pickaxe: Make a good first impression.

Battle Royale “Freestyle” Emote: Make the dance floor shake.

Twitch Prime Skin

Twitch Prime Skin “Trailblazer” (Source: Epic Games).

It was also enough to redeem the 30-day free trial to be able to pick up this bundle in the locker. Unfortunately, this Twitch Prime loot is currently unavailable. However, we are sure that a new bundle will be released soon.


Playstation Plus


As long as you are a Playstation Plus subscriber for PS4, you can purchase the Playstation Plus skin. This is always available for a while before being exchanged for a new skin. A full guide on how to acquire it can be found here.




Console bundles


The major console manufacturers are also convinced of Fortnite’s success. Not only that the game can now be played on almost every platform. The manufacturers go one step further and offer special Fortnite bundles of their products. These usually contain skin and V-Bucks, but sometimes also additional items. So if you plan to buy some of these products anyway, you should make sure to pick up the free loot. Below we have listed all console bundles.


Playstation 4 Bundle

Royal Bomber (Skin)

500 V-Bucks (In Game Currency)

PlayStation 4 DualShock Controller Bundle

Royal Bomber (Skin)

500 V-Bucks (In Game Currency)

Royale Bomber Bundle

Royale Bomber Bundle (Source: PS4)

Xbox One S Bundle

Eon Skin

Aurora Glider (Hang Glider)

Resonator (harvesting tool)

2000 V-Bucks (In Game Currency)

Xbox One Wireless Controller Bundle

Eon Skin

500 V-Bucks (Fortnite in-game currency)

Eon Bundle

Eon Bundle (Source: Epic Games)

Xbox One S 1TB (Fortnite Special Edition Bundle)

Dark Vertex Cosmetic Set (Legendary Outfit, Epic Harvesting Tool, Epic Glider)

2,000 V-Bucks (Fortnite in-game currency)

Dark Vertex Bundle

Dark Vertex Bundle (Source: Xbox)

Nintendo Switch Bundle

Double Helix (Skin)

Telemetry (Backpack)

Rotor (hang glider)

Pinpoint (harvesting tool)

1000 V-Bucks (In Game Currency)

Double Helix Bundle

Double Helix Bundle (Source: Epic Games)


Other Bundles


Not only on consoles, Fortnite is also playable on mobile. Just recently, the Fortnite app also came to the Play Store and next Season will be the first to be fully playable on Android for the first time. However, there are not only special skins for buying a phone, you also get a free skin with the purchase of a certain graphics card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 promo

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tablet S4 you get the rare and popular Galaxy Skin.

Galaxy Skin

Galaxy Skin (Source: Epic Games)

Honor V20 bundle

If you want to get a different, new smartphone, you should take a look at the Honor V20. It comes with the Honor Guard or Honor Companion bundle.

Nvidia graphics card bundle

If you want to upgrade your gaming PC, Nvidia is currently offering a bundle with selected graphics cards. When you buy a GeForce GTX of the 16 or 10 series (1660 Ti; 1660; 1650; 1070 Ti 1070; 1060; 1050 Ti or 1050), you get the Fortnite Counterattack bundle and 2,000 V-Bucks.

Counterattack Bundle

Counterattack Bundle (Source: Epic Games).


Free V-Bucks through Save the World


There is one last way to get free skins. And that is by earning V-Bucks to exchange for skins in the store. In the PvE campaign “Save the World” you can earn V-Bucks completely for free. However, you have to pay a price of 40 Euros for the game.

But if you are an eager Battle Pass buyer, it can still be worth it. After all, the purchase price is already cheaper than two Battle Pass packages and you also get a full game. In the future, “Fortnite: Save the World”, just like “Fortnite: Battle Royale”, will also be playable for free. Whether V-Bucks can still be earned in the mode remains to be seen.

However, free styles can usually be unlocked through challenges. For example, the current Ghost and Shadow version of Midas. Sometimes simply showing up at an event is enough to unlock certain items. Like the Neon Wings Back Bling in the last Party Royale event.


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